About us:

The company was first founded under SONAROKISH  by Dr. Hamid Bafandeh and has been active the supplement industry since 2001 from the beginning we have been known for high quality products in the market and our innovation. The company has successfully grown and adapted to changing client needs and continued to improve and enlarging business based on our goals and strategy. Over the years our company has diversified and changed to SONATEB PARSIAN and extended its line of products to the herbal and sport supplements and medicine as well as other non-reusable medical products such as medical laboratory test kits, splints and casts. In 2005 we have moved to a larger office space in order to improve and serve our customers better. Our new headquarters are located in Pasdaran,  Northen part of Tehran and owned approximately 48000 Sq.ft of warehouse near the IK. Intarnational Airport in order to minimize the time interval between arrival goods and storing  in a proper condition in our warehouse.  In 2010, we came to an agreement with SONATEB PARSEH PHARMACEUTICAL as a joint venture and focusing on new objectives in medicine for the company in both quality and sales and in  just a few years the amount of sales has been grown by 300 percent. (SONATEB GROUP).

SONATEB PARSEH PHARMACEUTICAL, is one of the most sophisticated and advanced manufacturing site in Iran and thanks to their cutting-edge technology equipment, capable of high volume that is optimized its production and extended its offering specializing in the medicine sector.In 2012 we came to an agreement with STP Pharma  Canada as a joint partner and we can manufacture under the license of STP Pharma.  Now we are offering our customers the latest and the highest quality products and the best package available in the market today.

OUR Vision:

Professionalism, efficiency and punctuality are the keys to our success.

Sonateb group  vision is the same today as it was when we
first opened in Tehran, Iran  in 2001, which is to provide a
distinctive class of Nutritional Supplements offering the
highest level of efficacy without compromising any step in
the creation process of our products. Working hand in hand
with well known Canadian brands and our other partners, We are committed to
sourcing the best raw materials, choosing the best process
to maximize bio availability, and deliver our product in safe
and secure packaging that minimizes any negative impact
on both the product and our future generations. We’re
committed to setting the gold standard in the world of
nutritional supplements.

We only partner with companies that meet or exceed the
standards of the international Good Manufacturing
Practices (GMP), including strict quality control systems

over each stage of the manufacturing process. As well, we
require our manufacturers to utilize the most advanced  
 technologies in the creation of our supplements while
avoiding the use of heat or solvents that would denature the
ingredients in our formulas.

The final step in this process ensures our nutritional
supplements are packed in the highest quality containers to
protect the delicate ingredients from air, moisture, light,
and chemical reaction from the container itself. Our
commitment to you requires us to avoid low grade, cheap
plastic containers, to ensure the final product is as safe and
potent as it was when it left the manufacturing plant.
SONATEB , being one of the leading innovators and first movers in the nutrition industry within Islamic Republic of Iran has built an outstanding relationship base with all parties involved in the production, distribution, logistics and promotion factors of its products. Working with the best sales promotion agencies within the country has led to sales growth rates exceeding 300% annually and a supply chain extending to over 2000 pharmacies nationally.

SONATEB GROUP , is committed to observing the highest ethical standards whenever we do business, to being open, honest and transparent and ensuring the safety of our products . 

Each of us at Sonateb Ltd is responsible for the contributions we make to our company, our customers and the communities in which we live and operate.
We at SONATEB GROUP strive to bring out the best in ourselves and others by fostering a spirit of understanding, mutual respect, open communication and active listening at every level. We recognize the benefits of our differences.


Nutritional Supplements

Food and Sport Supplements  
Medical Devices and Equipment 
Performing  Seminar  
Established Distribution system and Customer_oriented  


Financial wise, SONATEB GROUP  is 100% positive flow organization
Proudly SONATEB GROUP has managed to obtain most important license from Canada where it legally and officially entitles us to do business around the globe.   
The Strength of SONATEB GROUP
The Managing Director, believes in marketing and importing new supplement, pharmaceutical, nutrition food, medical device and equipment, food and sport supplements to satisfy the continuous demand of the market .
Our Regulatory Affairs Department has very well established working relationship with the Ministry of Health to answer challenging questions that arise from, PMF, SMF, and etc. needed for registration of new health related products. So Far, SONATEB GROUP has 125 products registered by Iran MOH (IRC) which been marketed and have been sold throughout country.
Our Business Development Department administrate the market research projects and analysis and processes market data and gives quick feedback to the management for
coverage the potential markets. Through making agency agreements with our partners, we are at a stage of rapid growth and new registrations from both the US and European countries.
Our Marketing Department with about 80 skilled medical representatives throughout the Territory with educational background of GP and pharmacist promoting good quality of products in the market, having business relationships with hospitals, over 8600 pharmacies and nearly 21,000 physicians throughout Iran as our customers.
Our Advertising Department in charge of promotional activities carried out through:
ATL (Media and Publication)
BTL (incentive program for both retailers and consumers)
Regular advertising programs in the high circulated medical, pharmaceutical.
Organizing seminars and conferences in different segments of pharmaceutical, health care.
Preparing catalogues, brochures and leaflets.
Our IT Department is responsible for pharmaceutical databases and software design, data management, networking, GPS and other tracking / information exchange devices and programs and administration of entire system. 

SonaTeb Group workforce  
The Growing Market Share
Pharmaceutical market in Iran is continuously evolving.
With pioneering spirit and remarkable investments, our market share in supplements is 15% of total country sales in imported products .

As a joint force with STP Pharmaceutical that is  constructed in an area of more than 150,000 sf² storing our imported products with professional dedicated teams facilitate the achievement of marketing goals; currently is expanding its fleet and sales personnel and by mid 2011, it will benefit of 18 Distribution Centers and a huge Sales Force in the entire territory.  
Alternative Distribution SONATEB GROUP has been taking advantage of the partnership with 3 of the most professional and wide-spread Distribution Companies in Iran: 1. Mc. Tough 

2. Behresan daroo

3.Jalal ara

4.Daroo gostare mihan

5.Giti salamate aria 


Our Marketing approach
SONATEB GROUP is very well reputed in advertising, branding, sales promotion and public relations via different methods such as:
Sponsoring special events such as professional seminars and workshops
Participating in professional conferences in various medical fields such as Gynecology, Orthopedic, Internal  Medicine, Oncology, Neurology, Nephrology, etc.
Advertising in specialized magazines and journals in field of nutritional supplements, foods, drugs and medical device,
Target Marketing Advertising
Each of the following market segments are being handled with unique marketing models, set up and strategies. Marketing approaches are designed to fit the products for each market segment environment. Our product line-up is classified into four categories; namely
1. Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices:
•Related Specialty Clinics
2. Food & Nutritional Supplement Pharmacies


Our Official Partners

We are the official representative of leading companies such as:

Elite pharmacaps Inc. Canada

Prime Nutrisource Inc. Canada

Nugale Pharmaceutical Inc. Canada

STP Pharmaceutical Inc. Canada

Passiono International Co. China

Hekangshounda Medical and Technological.
Qinddao Luxiading Medical Technology

Kudos Consultation Group. Canada

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