Technology of Manufacturing:

STP Pharma products are manufactured to the highest international pharmaceutical standards following GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GLP (Good laboratory Practice). Each sub-contractor to STP Pharma must have a current Health Canada Site License or FDA GMP license. On site plant assessments by our quality control manager to verify the standards is required as are periodic spot inspections. Each sub-contractor must incorporate the most advanced technology using heat free, solvent free processes.

STP Pharma’s Canadian production partner is some of the highest quality recognized operators in the Canadian market due to their very high standards in manufacturing, quality control and research & development representing the most advanced production standards to every aspect from raw material specification, to tableting or encapsulation and packaging.

STP Pharma’s products in solid production line are presented in capsule form and tablet form.

Contract Manufacturing:

STP Pharma contracts with a firm for components or products. The pharmaceutical industry use this process with CMs called Contract manufacturing organizations.There are many benefits to this type of outsourcing on a contract manufacturing basis. Manufacturing benefits and management benefits abound when sending all or part of a product’s production out for contract manufacturing. we are usually in developing countries with an abundant supply of cheap labor and minimal regulations.


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