The Strength of STP Pharma

—The foundation of STP Pharma is established on 1981 to import the best Dietary Supplement existed in the world market. The Managing Directors of the company have been many experience in the Nutraceutical industry and they could govern the Nutraceutical industry in the Islamic Republic of Iran as an active manufacturer in 2014. They believe in marketing and exporting new supplements, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic products, nutrition food and sport medicine supplements will satisfy the continuous demand of the market.

STP Pharma has over 120 products registered by Iran MOH (IRC) that mostly are under the top Canadian license from Canadian companies, which have been marketed and sold throughout country.

—Our Business Development Department manages the market research projects and analysis and procedures market data and gives quick feedback to the management for exposure to the potential markets. Through making agency agreements with our partners, we are at a stage of rapid growth and new registrations from both the US. and European countries.

—Our Marketing Department with about 80 skilled medical representatives throughout the Territory with educational background of GP and pharmacist promoting good quality of products in the market, having business relationships with hospitals, over 9300 pharmacies and nearly 18,000 physicians throughout Iran as our customer and supporters.

—Our Advertising Department in charge of promotional activities carried out through:                                                          ATL (Media and Publication)

—BTL (incentive program for both retailers and consumers)

Consistent advertising programs in the high circulated medical, pharmaceutical.

Consolidating seminars and conferences in different segments of pharmaceutical, health care.

—Preparing catalogues, brochures and leaflets.

—Our IT Department is accountable for pharmaceutical databases and software design, data management, networking, GPS and other tracking/information exchange devices and programs and management of entire system.

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